Who Am I? Photo Puzzle Craft

This activity, courtesy of, is perfect for children ages 3 to 8 years. Not only will your children have fun making this, they’ll love playing with it, too.


What You’ll Need:


• Jumbo craft sticks


• Photograph of child


• Glue sticks


• Safety scissors


• Envelopes


• Markers or crayons




1. Have your child cut a photograph into eight 3/4-inch strips. If the photograph is in portrait view, you can have them cut the photo into five strips that are each slightly wider than a 3/4-inch strip (or you can cut like the above example). For younger kids, you may want to measure the strips ahead of time and premark the back of the photo with guidelines so that they can simply cut along the lines. Alternately you can precut the strips for younger students.


2. Glue each strip onto a craft stick.


3. When finished, challenge your child to mix up the sticks and then rearrange them again in the correct order to create the photograph.


4. Have an envelope on hand to store the photo puzzle and encourage them to give the puzzle to a family member. Help the students write a message on the envelope, such as “I Love My Family ... to Pieces!”

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