Water Games and Activities for Summer

Summer is the perfect time for kids’ water games and activities. On a hot sunny day, there is nothing better than cooling off with a big splash! Take a look at the list of kids’ water activities and games below for some ideas and ways to beat the heat!


Water Relay

The kids can play as individuals or in teams. Fill a bucket at the start line full of water. Put a plastic cup in the bucket and place an empty bucket at the finish line. Each player will have to fill the glass of water and run it to the finish line to fill the empty bucket. The player or team that fills the empty bucket first wins!


Water Balloons

Fill balloons with water and have some fun! The kids can test their skills and see who can stay dry in a water balloon fight or they can even see who can throw the balloon highest into the air.


Ice Cube Pick Up

Put a bucket full of ice cubes into a kiddie pool filled with water. Have the kids sit on the edge of the pool. The object of the game is for the kids to pick up the ice cubes with their feet and put them into an empty bucket. Whoever gets the most ice cubes into a bucket at the end of the time frame wins.


Towel Relay Race

This is perfect for a hot day! Divide kids into two separate teams. Have them stand in a straight line.  When the relay starts, the first child in line will take a towel and dip it into a bucket full of water. The towel will be passed down the line over every players head – it will probably drip so make sure it is a hot day! The last person in line will ring the towel out into an empty bucket. The last person will then go to the front of the line and the process will start over again. The team that fills the empty bucket the fastest wins!


Drip, Drip, Drop

This game is just like Duck, Duck, Goose, but with water. The “goose” will get a cup of water poured on their head. Play until everyone has had a turn dropping a cup of water on someone!


Sponge Race

This game works great with more than one child. Fill up one bucket with water and put an empty bucket next to it. Give each child a sponge and see who can fill up the other bucket using only the sponge to dip in the water bucket and then squeeze into the empty bucket.  


Ice Cube Painting

Take unsweetened Kool aid mix and sprinkle it on to a piece of paper. Take an ice cube and run it over the mix. Watch as it turns into paint and create a masterpiece!


Bouncing Balloons

Grab some friends, an old sheet and a few water balloons.  Have each child grab a corner of the sheet and place a water balloon in the middle of the sheet. Bounce the balloon into the air and try not to break it! If you are feeling daring, add a few more balloons on to the sheet.


Water Gun Tag

Fill up water guns with water, and then whoever is it has to “tag” a person with a squirt from the water gun. When they are done, they can go around and water plants!


Water Hoops

But an inner tube in the center of a blow-up pool and then have kids shoot ping pong balls into the center. Who ever gets the most in the center wins. Younger kids can stand closer, while older kids can stand farther away to make it more challenging.


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17 Apr 2015

By Boston Parents Paper