Volunteer Opportunities for Kids

Take a look at the list below for local volunteer opportunities.



Pine Street Inn

444 Harrison Ave


Minimum Volunteer Age: 15

Help cook and serve breakfast to those in need at the emergency shelter.


Marine Corp Honor Run

125 Day Boulevard


Minimum Volunteer Age: 12

Run or walk in honor of fallen or wounded marines. The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation is the oldest provider of need based scholarships to military children.



Brookline Senior Center

93 Winchester St.


Minimum Volunteer Age: 14

The Senior Center offers many opportunities for students to get involved, such as helping with grocery shopping, home deliveries, group games and much more.



Boston Mobilization

30 Bow. St.


Minimum Volunteer Age: 13

Boston Mobilization works with college, high school and middle school students, empowering them to engage in their communities in meaningful ways.



Gaining Ground Thoreau Birthplace Garden

315 Virginia Rd.

978- 610-6086

Minimum Volunteer Age: 16 unaccompanied, 4 with a parent

Learn how to grow food and how it is cultivated. Help grow product that directly goes to shelters, food pantries and meal programs in Boston.



Hope in Bloom, Inc.

202 Bussey St.


Minimum Volunteer Age: 12

Brighten the homes of patients undergoing cancer treatment by planting vegetable and flower gardens.



Volunteer Opportunities for Kids

Jewish Family Service of Metro West

475 Franklin St. Suite 101

508-875-3100 ext. 300

Minimum Volunteer Age: 14

The Jewish Family Service pairs children with seniors for company. They may sit and chat, run errands or even offer transportation to the seniors if they have their license.



Parr for the Cure

 22 Maverick St.


Minimum Volunteer Age: 18

Volunteers will plan and prepare for the tournament, help out during the tournament or help out during the annual Golf Ball. 



Special Olympics

512 Forest Street


Minimum Volunteer Age: 12

Volunteer as a timekeeper, official or in another role at the Special Olympics. Children can also fundraise and attend local statewide events.



Stray Pets in Need

5 Overbrook Terr.


Minimum Volunteer Age: 12

Children can help stray pets in need by putting up posters around town, collecting cans, managing lemonade stands, putting on plays and helping out the organization.



Dog B.O.N.E.S

38 Garden Rd.


Minimum Volunteer Age: 18 unaccompanied, any age with parent.

Share your dog with others in nursing homes, hospitals or even schools.



Spread the Bread

24 Happy Hollow Rd.

(774) 286-9987

Minimum Volunteer Age: Any age accompanied with parent.

Give loads of bread to those in need by baking a loaf or two.

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23 Apr 2014

By Boston Parents Paper