Veterans Day Flag

Show your appreciation for those who have served our country with this colorful craft from For ages 3 to 11 years.


What You’ll Need:


• Star template (


• Construction paper


• Tissue paper squares


• Pipe stems (optional)


• Waxy yarn pieces (known as Wikki Stix)


• Stickable foam and glitter shapes


• School glue


• Crayons or markers


• Small photo of child


• Scissors


Here’s How:


1. Print and cut out the star template. Have your child color stars.


2. Show child how to make a square box out of Wikki Stix (or waxy yarn bits) and glue it onto the upper left corner of a piece of construction paper.


3. Have your child glue the star template into the box. Invite child to add foam stars (or other shapes) to the box for added decoration. If desired, your child can add a small picture of themselves to glue inside the box.


4. Glue tissue paper squares in horizontal rows across the rest of the paper (outside of the box).


5. Optional: Poke a pipe stem through the top of the flag to make a handle. Younger children may need assistance poking the pipe stem through the paper.

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27 Oct 2015