Valentine Mobile Craft for Valentine's Day

Your heart will burst at the site of your kiddo crafting this Valentine-themed mobile, which will be a great addition to your existing stable of holiday decorations. Ideal for ages 3 to 8 years, this project comes straight from


What You’ll Need:


• Valentine hearts template;


• Construction paper, 9-inch by 12-inch (red, bright pink, light pink, purple)

Safety scissors


• Glitter


• Red, white or pink string


• Hole punch


Here’s How:


1. Make several copies of the Valentine hearts template on a variety of different colors of construction paper. Have your child cut out four or five heart shapes in colors and sizes to create the mobile.


2. Encourage your child to decorate the hearts with glitter (this can get a bit messy so lay down some newspaper before you start).


3. Help your child punch a hole in the top and bottom of each heart shape. Thread a string through the hearts, tying the string off at each hole so that the hearts are positioned at any point on the string your little will like.


4. When finished, hang the mobiles from a special place for Valentine’s Day!

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25 Jan 2016