Turkey Place Card Holders

Your Thanksgiving table will look adorable with this cute craft from, perfect for kids 3-7 years old.


What You’ll Need:


• Pinecones


• Wiggly eyes


• Brown pom-poms


• Red and yellow construction paper


• Red, yellow and orange pipe stems


• Glue sticks


• Broad-tip markers


• Safety scissors


• Index cards


Here’s How:


1. For each place card holder, take two pipe stems of each color (red, yellow and orange). Loop the pipe stems in half and twist the ends together to make six separate “feathers.”


2. Glue the pipe stem feathers in a row near the base of a pinecone – alternating colors to make a pattern.


3. Cut a small triangle shape from yellow construction paper to use as the beak – and a red, squiggly shape from the red paper to use as the turkey’s snood hanging over the beak.


4. Glue two wiggly eyes, one beak and one snood onto a pom-pom ball, then glue it to the narrow end of the pinecone for the turkey’s head.


5. Trim index cards to 2 inches by 3 inches and write the name of a guest on each one.


6. Place cards in pinecones between the “feathers” and the head of the turkey.

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27 Oct 2015