Trick or Treat Safely

Halloween is a fun day, but it’s also a day when children are at a much higher risk for injury. Some safety tips to keep in mind:


• Have kids trick or treat in groups. If the kids are under 12, the groups should be accompanied by a trusted adult.


• Instruct children to never enter a stranger’s home and to be cautious of animals.


• Teach kids to cross the street safely by looking both ways and not running.


• Provide children with flashlights so they can avoid trips and falls, and so others, especially drivers, can see them well.


• Choose costumes that are well-fitted, not baggy, and warm enough for the weather. Make sure shoes fit properly and masks do not block vision. Aim for costumes that are light in color and have reflective material. Real weapons or non-flexible props should not be part of a costume.


• Check all candy for expiration dates, for candy that has been tampered with, for unwrapped candy you don’t recognize or that smells bad or was made at home.


Most Halloween-related injuries are preventable. Keep those little princesses and superheroes safe!


Maria McMahon is trauma center manager of Boston Children’s Hospital Injury Prevention Program, 617-355-7332.

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25 Sep 2014

By Maria McMahon