Top 10 Montessori Preschools in Greater Boston and Massachusetts in 2020

The Boston Parents Paper Winner in the category of Montessori Preschools in Greater Boston for 2020 is:

Wellan Montessori School, Newton Centre -

Here are the 2020 Top 10 Montessori Preschools as voted for by parents in Greater Boston and throughout New England:

•    Adams Montessori School, Quincy

•    Cambridge Montessori, Cambridge

•    Children’s Workshop Montessori, 

•    Lexington Montessori School, Lexington

•    Norwood Montessori School, Norwood -

•    Summit Montessori School, Framingham

•    Thacher Montessori, Milton

•    Torit Montessori School, Boston

•    Walnut Park School, Newton

•    Wellan Montessori School, Newton Centre -

About the Top 10 Montessori Preschools in the 2020 Boston Parents Paper Family Favorites

Boston Parents' Family Favorites was born with the idea to give readers in Greater Boston and throughout the Northeast a chance to voice their opinions on their personal 'Family Favorite' choices for Montessori Preschools and everything kids and family. The program has evolved over the years, and hopefully, with a lot of input from our readers, we've been able to make it better and better.

The voting for Boston's Family Favorite Montessori Preschools is conducted in a two-round process. The first round occurs in the month of March with open write-in nominations for parent's favorite Montessori Preschools taking place. As more and more nominations come in, the most written-in Montessori Preschools become automatically selectable and listed making it easier and easier for people to cast their nominations. And write-in nominations continue to be open until the end of the month.

As the nomination period for Montessori Preschools in the first round comes to a close at the end of March, shortly after, the second round opens with the top nominee Montessori Preschools being selectable in this final round of voting during the month of April. Write-in nominations are no longer available, and voters are open to select their favorite Montessori Preschools from among those that are listed.

The final winners are posted in the August issue of Boston Parents Paper

We hope you enjoy! And we hope you cast your vote in March and again in April!

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