Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party Ideas

Sewer Covers: Put out Oreo’s for the kids to snack on during dessert. Make a sign that says sewer covers.


Worms & Algae: Sounds like the perfect snack, right? Cut green Jell-O into small squares or even fill small cups with Jell-O to make a personal size dessert. Stick gummy words into the Jell-O and on top of it.


Pizza Box Favors: Use small pizza boxes which can be purchased from a pizza shop. Fill the box with fun favors for the kids to take home.


Green Slime Popcorn: You will need popcorn, white chocolate and green food coloring gel. Microwave the white chocolate until completely melted. Add the green food coloring to the white chocolate until you are happy with the color. Pour the melted chocolate over the popcorn and toss gently. Place the popcorn on a piece of parchment paper to cool. Pick up Chinese food containers from your local craft store or Chinese restaurant and put popcorn in each container.

Pizza: If you are throwing the party during meal time, keep it simple. Order or make your own pizzas for the party. It will fit in with the theme perfectly.


Pin the Mask on the Turtle: Separate into teams or even separately. The first child to pin the mask on the Ninja Turtle wins a special prize!


Pick your favorite Ninja Turtle: Create masks out of old t-shirts or even felt. When each child walks into the party, they can pick which Ninja Turtle they want to be. You can also make turtle shells out of turkey roasting pans (check out the dollar store to find these) and spray paint them green.


Ninja Turtle Cupcakes: Bake any flavor cupcakes you would like. Frost them with green frosting.  Use colored frosting to create the masks, eyes and mouth for each cupcake.


Decorations: Turn regular green balloons into Ninja Turtle Balloons with craft paper.  Make your own garland by creating Ninja Turtle Faces out of craft paper and stringing them together. Making simple decorations like this will bring the theme together.


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23 May 2014

By Boston Parents Paper