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Articles in Green Living and Technology

Social Bullying Rampant on Kids’ TV Shows


While there's plenty of research on the effects of television violence on children, a new study reveals that social bullying – portrayed in many popular children's TV programs – doesn't get as much notice, but likely has similar effects.... Read full article

Baby Steps to Better Photos of Infants


Babies are beautiful! Follow these tips from local photographers for taking better photos of your precious little one.... Read full article

What Will Be Obsolete in 2025?


Ever wonder what kinds of toys or everyday objects will still be around in the year 2025? A Boston-based junk removal company put the question to 1,010 Americans nationwide and got some interesting answers.... Read full article

Diapers – What's Best for Baby and Mother Earth? Cloth, Disposable, Hybrid or None of the Above?


When it comes to "green" living, nothing poses a bigger dilemma for environmentally-conscious parents than what type of diaper to use on your baby. Here's a dispassionate look at the diaper, in all its forms, and which type is better for the Earth.... Read full article

From Phonics to Physics – Get School Help Online From Phonics to Physics – Get School Help Online


A growing number of free tutoring services are popping up online for kids, making the process of getting help with tough subjects like math or science more convenient. Here's a look at some of the sites and some local in-person tutoring services.... Read full article

More High Schools Doling Out Laptops


Some Massachusetts high schools -- including the communities of Beverly and Burlington -- are equipping students with laptops and iPads to enrich their learning experiences and prepare them for a world steeped in technology.... Read full article

Attractions & Adventures


The best museums, fairs, zoos, beaches, play spaces, outdoor fun and more... Read full article

Rate Your Earth-Friendly Efforts


A Newton mom is the brainchild behind the website Practically Green (http://practicallygreen.com), which quizzes you on how "green"-friendly you are and shows you how to take steps to improve the health of the environment ... Read full article