Star Wars Party Ideas and Games for Kids

The Star Wars franchise is a classic series for both kids and adults and fans are eagerly awaiting the newest addition to the series, Star Wars: Episode VII. Kids love watching the lightsaber battles and seeing the world that Steven Spielberg and George Lucas created.  Here are some tips on throwing a Star Wars birthday party that will have everyone feeling like a Jedi! And be sure to check out the link to our Star Wars Pinterest board below!


Invitations: Use printable Star Wars invitations or create your own from scratch.

Recreate the legendary Star Wars scrolling text on the invitation and put your party information into it. You could also send out invitations shaped like the heads of characters from the movies, such as Darth Vader, Yoda or Princess Leia. Check out the link to our Pinterest page below for creative ideas and printouts.


Edible lightsabers: Dip pretzel sticks into blue or green frosting and coat them in a layer of edible glitter to make your own Star Wars lightsabers to munch on during the party.


Princess Leia buns: Provide a platter of cinnamon buns to recreate the famous hair buns that Princess Leia wears in Star Wars.


Death Star cake pops: Make Star Wars cake pops to look like the Death Star ship. Paint the pops in grey frosting, leaving a small indent just like the Death Star has. Alternatively, you could simply shade the frosting to look like an indent.


Dagobah dip: Create this Star Wars swampy dip with guacamole. On the edge of the plate, place spinach, broccoli, carrots and pretzel sticks to give off more of a swamp vibe. Place a Yoda figure on the edge of the plate.


Yoda soda: This simple Star Wars green drink will leave guests feeling refreshed. Mix lime juice with sugar in a measuring cup until the sugar is dissolved. When the sugar is completely dissolved, add sparkling water or soda water. To finish, place a scoop of lime sherbet in a glass and pour the water mixture over the top.


Jedi training: Put your party guests to the test of becoming Jedis! Jedis need to be physically fit and quick on their feet, so set up an obstacle course in your yard featuring hula-hoops, climbing and running. Split the kids in two teams: the Jedi and the Darksiders.


Lightsaber training: Continue the Jedi training by setting children up with their own Star Wars lightsaber. You can make lightsabers out of pool noodles and duct tape. To train the guests in the art of lightsaber fighting, hang a plastic ball on a string at head height. Blindfold children and have them try and hit the ball. See if they can “feel the force” and hit it three times in a row.


Death Star piñata: Create or buy a piñata shaped like the Death Star and allow kids to swing at it and then collect the candy or treasure inside!

Decorations: For Star Wars decorations, use gloss plastic black tablecloths and silver tableware and silverware. Create a space feel by hanging a starry backdrop on the wall. Hang glow in the dark or star-shaped balloons around the house or party venue. Also consider placing cardboard cutouts of famous Star Wars characters around the area so that kids can pose for pictures with them (a great idea for a Star Wars favor, too).


Favors: For completing their Jedi training, give each party guest a certificate stating that they’re now a powerful Jedi. Also allow them to keep their homemade lightsaber.


For more Star Wars party ideas, games, foods, goody bags and decor, visit our Pinterest board here.


Have you thrown a Star Wars party for your child? Share your Star Wars party ideas in our comments section and tag us in your photos on Pinterest! We’d love to hear from you!


Mabel Sterritt´╗┐ is an intern with Boston Parents Paper.

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20 Jun 2014

By Mabel Sterritt