Spelling Bee Games

Flashcards: Create flashcards with different words your child can spell out. Make it into a game and see how many cards she can spell correctly.


Memory: Create a memory game with spelling word cards. Make sure there are two cards for every word.  Put the cards face down and take turns flipping the cards over until you find a pair.


Spelling Race: Create two or more teams. A parent or friend yells out a word from a list. A player from each team races to write the word down. Whoever spells it correctly first is the winner of that round.


Tic Tac Toe: Play a game of classic tic tac toe.  Before each player can place an “x” or an “o” he or she must spell a word correctly.


Spelling Word Hunt: Create a list of words for your child to find, whether it is in a newspaper or magazine. The child can highlight the word to show you that he has found it.


Unscramble: Use letter tiles or magnetic letters and scramble up the word. The child has to unscramble the letters and spell the word correctly.


Legos: Grab all of your old Legos and use a sharpie to write letters on the side of each piece.  If you want to remove the letters, write the letters on a small white sticker and stick it into the side of the Lego. Piece together the Legos to create different words.


Clothespins:  Use old clothespins and add letters to the pins. Create different words by rearranging the letters.


Minute to Win It: Create teams or play one-on-one with your friends. Pick a spelling word and set the timer for a minute. If playing in teams, each team member must spell the word correctly and must be the fastest to win that round. 


Does your child have what it takes to win a spelling bee? Sign up for one of these spelling bees or just have fun and watch the show.

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06 Mar 2014

By Boston Parents Paper