Slumber Party Games & Ideas

So, how do you throw your child the best slumber party in town? Keep reading for theme, decoration, game, craft and food ideas.  And make sure you check out our Pinterest board for even more slumber party ideas!



Sometimes popcorn and a movie just won’t cut it.  A theme can tie everything together and they usually follow the latest trends.


Spa parties are a big hit right now. Have the party guests attend your home “spa” complete with manicures and pedicures, face masks, eye cucumbers and cute bath robes.


Have an enchanting “night under the stars” indoors or outdoors. If the weather is nice you camp in your backyard. Set up tents filled with pillows and blankets. Or, string up some Christmas lights in your home and create your own tents with sheets. Don’t forget the s’mores!



Have a table low to the ground with decorative pillows. It will be a unique way to eat and do activities.


Create a mini canopy on the ceiling with tulle. Hang streamers and curtains in different doorways to add a touch of fun all around.


Stick with one color and match everything to it. Table clothes, pillows, flowers, silverware and even the food will look great complementing one another.


Games and Crafts

Games and crafts are an essential part of slumber parties.  Pick up some things at the craft store to decorate items like headbands, t-shirts, pillowcases, notebooks, sneakers or picture frames. You can always purchase materials for friendship or loom bracelets.


Play kid friendly games like “wheel of color.” Make a board sectioned into 8 different color “triangles” with a spinner – each triangle will have a coordinating nail polish color to match. Each girl takes a turn spinning the wheel and whatever color they land on, that’s the color they paint one nail. At the end, every girl will have a hand full of crazy nails.


Scavenger hunts in the home and backyard, or even the neighborhood for older teens, will make for some friendly competition.  Include flashlights and disposable cameras.



Ideas for food are almost endless. Set up a make your own pizza station. You can either roll out individual pies with dough, use English muffins or even pita pockets.  Include cheese and toppings galore.


Don’t forget dessert. An ice cream or yogurt bar (a healthier option) will be exciting and delicious.  Hot fudge, candy and fruit make perfect toppings. Cute bowls and spoons will give it that special touch.


Healthy smoothies, fresh, tropical juices and Shirley temples are a fun alternative to the water and soda.


Party Favors

Send everyone home with a creative party favor to thank them for coming.


You could follow the spa theme and fill a bag with items like scented lotion, lip balm, nail files and polish. Or fill a mini locker with fun pencils, notebooks, stickers and candy.


Take a group photo and send it home with a personalized picture frame so they can remember their fun night forever.

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29 May 2014

By Jennifer Hanrahan