Science Toys for Kids of All Ages

Children of all ages can enjoy the oohs and aahs of the science world. Foster a love of learning with this list of age-specific science toys  for kids aimed at everyone from tots to teens.  


1-3 Years Old

Moon Projection Night Light – Bring the moon right into your child’s bedroom with this remote controlled light display of the different phases of the moon. It acts a great night light with an educational twist.


Hello Bugs Book – Take a look at 10 different little bugs with vivid colors and patterns. This book is filled with easy first words and plenty to see.


Animal Planet Big Tub of Dinosaurs – Go back into prehistoric times with this set of dinosaurs, trees, rocks, mountains and even a play mat. It features 20 different types of dinosaurs, such as T-Rex, Velociraptor and Triceratops.


4 Years Old

Fizzy Foamy Science – Mix solutions that will fizz and foam! This kit will help your child answer what makes soda pop, what makes bread rise and many other burning questions. These young scientists will measure, predict and investigate different science topics right from their kitchen table.


Strange Plants Kit – Take a look at some of the strangest plants in the world! Find plants that move, grow eyeballs and even plants that look like brains!


Geosafari Jr. Animal Eye Viewers – See the world through your favorite animal’s eyes. With this fun kit, you will get to see through three different animal eye viewers. It also has a free activity guide available to download for ideas on fun ways to use the viewers.


5-7 Years Old

Let's Grow Life Cycles Game – Learn the developmental stages of a frog, butterfly, plant and chicken. Two to four players race to complete the life cycle puzzle in this memory match game.


Alex Toys Mix N Blast Kid Concoctions: Volcano Play – Mix up different concoctions to make the volcano erupt around the dinosaurs.


Slinky Science Bionic Ear – Listen to different sounds up to 300 feet away. With this kit you can record and playback with background noise reduction to make sure you can hear it clearly! You’ll be able to spy on your siblings with the targeting scope and listen to their conversations.


8-11 Years Old

Edu Science CSI Jr. Investigator Kit – Check out the crime scene and learn to fingerprint suspects, prevent contamination, collect evidence and compare different findings.  This kit comes with everything you will need to evaluate and process crime scenes.


Edu Science 3D Night-Sight Goggles – This set of goggles comes with two different sets of lenses. Use one lens to help you see in the dark and another lens to see 3D images pop out!


Candy Chemistry – Cook up different candies and chocolates as you practice and explore chemistry. You also get to enjoy some sweet treats when you’re done!


12-14 Years Old

Cast & Paint: Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Casting Kit – Learn all about the Tyrannosaurus Rex as you paint 18 different bone structures. Assemble the 19-inch T-Rex skeleton when you are done painting.


Scientific Explorer Disgusting Gags & Pranks – Gross out your siblings and friends with different gags and pranks in this kit! Scare them with a spider or mix up a batch of fake vomit.


Brew It Yourself - Root Beer Kit – Make your own root beer at home! This fun and educational science project will teach your child all about CO2 and yeast metabolism while making four gallons of delicious root beer!


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14 +

Green Science: Windmill Generator – Design and build your very own windmill generator. The wind movement will power the LED light and keep the windmill turning.


Eyewitness Kit: Dinoworks Triceratops – Make your own Triceratops skeleton. Paint and construct each piece of the skeleton. Glue magnets on the back of the finished masterpiece and hang on the fridge when you’re done.


My Senses – Use your five senses in over 50 experiments. Create a telescope and even use a stethoscope as you will be seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and even tasting.










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08 Mar 2015

By Boston Parents Paper