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Articles in School Age

Raise Your Expectations of Your Child

by Katie Novak, Ed.D. on

Why Growth Mindset Is the Most Important Measure of Success... Read full article

"I Want It Now!" Why Kids Entitlement Attitudes are Today's Biggest Parenting Problem


Parenting experts Richard and Linda Eyre discuss entitlement, the biggest challenge facing parents today.... Read full article

10 Easy Steps to Raising World Citizens


10 Easy Steps to Raising World Citizens... Read full article

10 Talents of Parenting


For some people, parenting seems to come easily. They play, respond to children's needs, understand children's feelings and trust themselves. The rest of us need to work at it a bit more. But that's OK, we don't have to all be naturals. Each of us ca... Read full article

Ten Years of Laughs with Mo Willems and his Persistent Pigeon


Mo Willems' beloved pigeon, from his children's book series about a very persistent bird, turns 10 this year – as in 10 years in print. Learn more about this literary giant among young children with our exclusive interview.... Read full article

Two Programs Fuel College Dreams for Immigrant or Low-Income Students


Two Boston-area programs are helping kids from immigrant families or low-income families prepare for college.... Read full article

Homework: Does it Help or Hurt?


The debate over homework continues nationwide. Here are guidelines for parents concerned about their child’s homework load.... Read full article

Add Some Homeschooling to Your Child’s Day


These homeschooling strategies boost children’s learning – and you don’t have to be a homeschooler to try them.... Read full article

Talk to Us! Here's How You Can Be Seen and Heard in the Boston Parents Paper


Got something to say? The Boston Parents Paper wants to hear from you! Email us your input or ideas for our My Turn column, our What Works for Us brief, our Relationships department and more!... Read full article

Meeting the Needs of the Profoundly Gifted


Profoundly gifted kids have different, but very real, special needs. Intellectually advanced kids can have trouble making friends and, if not challenged at school, can become bored and disruptive. Here's what you can do to help them thrive.... Read full article