Rising Star: Sophia Nachman


Sophia Nachman of Everett is enjoying recent success. This summer, her original tune “Bad Boy” was named the most requested song of all time on Jam City America, an online radio station. Nachman, who is 11 and who began singing at 2 and started vocal training at 5, also recorded the Christmas song “Mary Did You Know” on the album “Bristol Entertainment Presents Boston Kids Rock in the Holidays.” And she performs an original tune in a tribute to the Boston marathon bombing victims, also produced by Bristol Studios, entitled “Boston Reflects.” We caught up with the young singer/songwriter recently with some questions about her work as an artist and how she’s handling her fame.  

Who are your role models musically and otherwise? Who inspires you?

Celine Dion, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande. … Celine Dion inspires me – I saw her bio movie – her singing and the passion she had when she was little and [how she] watched her dream come true. … What a beautiful voice she has! My Mom and Dad encourage me to follow my dreams every step of the way. Also my Nana and Papa tell me to keep on singing and encourage me, too. … My guitar instructor is also great. ... I spend hours on my guitar every day, hours singing and writing, as well, and playing piano.


What type of music do you like to listen to and perform?

Pop and some ballads.


Where did the idea for the song “Bad Boy” originate? Why do you think it has been so popular?

I picked a topic and then wrote a song. It was fun. I think because it has a good beat and a lot of people can relate. 


Tell us about your part in the “Boston Reflects” tribute. 

(Watch the video by clicking the video tab: Nachman is featured at 33 seconds, singing “As our runners were crossing the finish line, two bombs went off. The whole city was terrified.” At 7 minutes and 32 seconds into the tribute, she sings, “Boston Strong. Boston Strong. We will fight for our freedom and our rights, our rights. Boston stand tall. Boston stay strong.  At 8 minutes and 31 seconds, she sings “Boston stay strong.” )

I wrote the lyrics and recorded it at Bristol Studios. I never officially titled it. … Bristol used it in 3 parts. I called it Boston Strong. I felt sad and wanted to help in some way.


Has success changed you or your relationship with your peers?

What I have accomplished so far has been fun; and some friends have changed in a not supporting way and others love and support me. … Even when I talk to friends, they ask if I would sing for them. It makes me feel good others enjoy hearing me sing.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself performing on the big stage, and I hope to help others and pass it forward.


Mary Alice Cookson is associate editor of Boston Parents Paper.



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28 Oct 2013

By Mary Alice Cookson