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kirk a forbes
HPV - the Epidemic of the 21st Century

Dr. Newberger - Thank you for giving the HPV vaccine visibility in your community. We are very passionate about educating people regarding this deadly virus. "This is one of the epidemics of the 21st century," says Otis Brawley, chief medical officer at the American Cancer Society. On June 1, 2008 our 23 yr. old daughter Kristen died after a courageous fight against HPV caused cervical cancer. The vaccine would have led to a different outcome for Kristen. Kristen’s cancer battle led to the book, “Love, Kristen,” which tells about her experience. While doing research for the book, we learned how little women know about HPV and its tie to cervical cancer; the availability and importance of HPV testing and vaccines and Pap screening tests. This fact led to the founding of the Kristen Forbes EVE Foundation and the creation of the Cervical Cancer-Free Indiana Initiative (CCFIN). The mission of the Kristen Forbes EVE Foundation ( is to eliminate cervical cancer and significantly reduce HPV infection levels. The Foundation is based in Noblesville, IN. People need to understand that "the HPV vaccination is about cancer....not sex." Once again, many thanks for writing about HPV. Kirk Forbes, Founder Kristen Forbes EVE Foundation, Inc.

January 2013

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