Red Sox Kids' Party Ideas and Games

Do you have a little slugger in your family who dreams of wearing a World Series ring someday? Here are some tips on throwing a great Red Sox themed party for your child.


Invitations: Fashion your child’s invitations to look like tickets to a Red Sox game. Make ticket shaped invitations and put the information onto them. Check out the link to our Pinterest page below for invitation templates. When party guests arrive, have a ticket booth set up where the birthday child can “scan” each ticket and admit each guest into the party.


Snack bar: Make a realistic Fenway Park by creating your own snack bar for your child’s Red Sox party. Set out ballpark fare for munching on, such as peanuts, cracker jacks, popcorn and vegetables.


Nacho bar: For your child’s Red Sox party, create a nacho bar for guests to make their own chips and salsa creations. Serve with whole-grain tortilla chips, salsa, nacho cheese and sour cream.


Fenway Franks: No Red Sox birthday party for kids is complete without a Fenway Frank. Serve hot dogs with mustard, relish and ketchup for your own version! 


Soft serve ice cream: Buy small plastic baseball hats from a party store or sports store, and use them as the bowl for serving individual servings of vanilla or chocolate soft serve ice cream for your Red Sox themed party.


Green Monster punch: Combine lime-flavored Jell-O mix, pineapple juice, lemon juice and water to make your own Red Sox birthday party Green Monster punch. Serve in a punchbowl with ice.


Batting practice: Searching for a fun game for your child’s Red Sox birthday party? Set up a bucket of water balloons in the yard. Using whiffle bats, have each ball player hit three water balloons with the bat. It’s a great way to stay cool and warm up for the real game!


Baseball game: You can’t have a kids’ Red Sox party without a game of baseball! Divide the guests into two teams and provide them with balls, bats and mitts. Have adults serve as the coaches, umpires and base coaches. You can find affordable balls and bats at the dollar store, which can double as a party favor.


Birthday baseball: As guests enjoy the Red Sox birthday party, have them sign a baseball for the birthday child. When it’s time for presents, present the ball as a gift from the entire party.


Decorations: Put up Red Sox memorabilia around the house. This can include pictures, newspaper clippings and posters of famous Red Sox moments in history. You can make the signs that are outside of Fenway Park showing all the years the Red Sox won the World Series.  Use red and white tableware and silverware, and use a green tablecloth to act as your Green Monster. Tell guests to arrive in their nicest Red Sox jerseys or clothing. Have an adult dress up as Wally, the mascot of the Red Sox.


Photo prop: Buy cutouts of famous Red Sox players, such as David Ortiz. Have party guests give their best baseball poses as your snap pictures of them. Let them take their picture home as a party favor.


Cake: Make or purchase a Red Sox birthday cake shaped like a classic baseball or Red Sox baseball hat! Cutting into a baseball will be sure to amuse party guests. You could also shape your cake like a baseball bat or Fenway Park itself!


Favors: Using popcorn bags, give each guest a bag filled with baseball goodies that tie into your Red Sox birthday party theme. This can include bubble gum, a whiffle bat and ball set, Wally keychains and a pair of red socks!


For more ideas, visit our Pinterest board here.


Have you thrown a Red Sox party for your child? Share your Red Sox party ideas in our comments section and tag us in your photos on Pinterest! 

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18 Jun 2014

By Mabel Sterritt