Princess Dress Up Storage

Tired of your house being covered in crowns, glass slippers, masks and wands? It can be hard to find the perfect spot to put all of the superhero accessories and princess dresses.  Take a look at the list of ideas below to create the perfect storage area for your child’s dress up area.

* If you have an old trunk around, put it to good use! Decorate it and then put the trunk on its side so it appears as a small closet for your child.  Add a rod to the top so dresses and outfits can be easily hung up.  When the kids grow up or just aren’t using the dress up trunk, it can be closed and put in a closet or attic easily.

* You can also use the trunk the old traditional way.  Have your child decorate it any way they want.  Put a mirror close by so they can easily see themselves after turning into a superhero or princess.

* Make part of your child’s room into a dress up area by hanging hooks on the wall and a long mirror nearby. You can either secure a shelf on the wall to put baskets on or put a large basket on the floor to store princess accessories or play swords.  It creates a designated dress up area.

* Storage bins are always a great way to store anything, especially dress up accessories and clothing.  Have your child decorate the bins, then place contents inside and take a picture so the child knows what goes into each bin. Glue the picture on the outside of the bin – let easy cleanup begin!

* Mini suitcases are perfect for costume storage. They can be easily stored away and come in different sizes and shapes. Store your accessories, clothing and anything else you might need. They can be stacked up to act as a nightstand as well!

* Old dressers can be easily made into the perfect dress up area. Take the drawers out and replace it with a tension rod to hang up clothing. Decorate the dresser with any theme your child might love.

* If you have an extra corner in your playroom or child’s bedroom, set up a curtain rod in the corner as a changing area.  Put all clothing and accessories in your new creative storage close to the curtain so it’s easily accessible. To make it a designated play area, put pillows on the floor so they can put on a show after they have turned into their favorite princess or superhero. 

For more storage ideas, check out our Princess Dress Up Storage board on Pinterest by clicking here.

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08 Jan 2015

By Boston Parents Paper