5 Fun Plants for Kids to Grow

Plus, parents will get the opportunity to sit back and watch as their children take on the opportunity of creating and sustaining life.


Immersion is key in getting your children started on a garden project. Allow them to have a hand in helping plan out the garden, including where things will be and what will be planted. Guide children through the planning stages of your garden to give them their first lesson in responsibility. Once the planning and layouts are done, allow children to pick out seeds, bulbs and plants from a local nursery. Here are a few varieties of plants that can grow easily and will leave both you and your children satisfied with the results.



Marigolds are a year-round staple flower that are easy to grow. They’ll dazzle your backyard in hues of deep oranges and yellows, and will stay bright and blooming for the entirety of summer. Marigolds will give kids almost instant gratification; they can begin blooming within a few weeks of being planted. They can be planted almost anywhere as long as there’s sunshine and soil, and require minimal care.


Not only can these flowers bloom during spring, summer and fall, but it’s also possible to grow them indoors. If you’re looking for a family activity to do over the winter, growing marigolds on an indoor window sill can get children ready to go out and start their own garden in the spring.



Both kids and adults will love the height of these flowers. There are many different types of sunflowers, ranging from the super tall “Mammoth” to the tinier “Teddy Bear.” Regardless of the variety, most sunflowers can grow as tall as eight feet and have flower heads up to six inches wide. Not only are these flowers fun to look at, but they provide health and environmental benefits; sunflowers produce seeds which can be eaten by both humans and animals. The sunflower is able to show children the power of growing their own food and helping to sustain the environment around them.


According to the 2014 Farmer’s Almanac, the best time to plant sunflower seeds is in the summer and are also remarkably easy to care for. As long as you give them plenty of room to grow and the occasional watering, children will be able to watch as the flower soars above their heads in no time at all.



From the orange and purple Jolly Jokers to the pastel Princess Series, pansies are some of the most easily recognizable flowers in the world. Known for their wide range of colors, kids will have a great time picking and choosing which colors will best fit into their garden. This is another flower that can bloom during any season and can easily be obtained in both seed and pre-potted versions.


Pansies do require a bit more care than marigolds and sunflowers; they need to be watered often to prevent wilting.




String Beans

Growing string beans is a project that requires little work and gives a lot of rewards. These vegetables can be used in many different recipes or eaten right off of the plant. They can grow in bushes or on poles and will provide your kids with a no-hassle gardening experience.


Green beans simply need soil and a large area to grow. The only maintenance they require regularly is watering and weeding to protect the root system. As long they have sunshine and a little TLC, you’ll have large, firm pods ready for eating in no time.


 Hens and Chicks

Hens and chicks aren’t animals; they’re succulents that grow in groups, with the “hen” being the main plant and the “chicks” being the smaller plants that surround the largest. These plants grow close to the ground and look like roses, but don’t demand the constant care that roses do.


Hens and chicks are popular in gardens because of their maintainability and unique appearance. Make sure you have good soil; hens and chicks thrive in soil that is well-drained and rocky. Try not to water them too much as their outer leaves will rot. They can grow in any kind of climate and will provide your family with an interesting plant that will last an extremely long time.


With the proper care, flowers and plants can grow beautifully and children will learn how to be responsible, patient and knowledgeable. What starts out as a simple summer project could turn into a lifelong passion for the whole family.


Mabel Sterritt is an intern with Boston Parents Paper 

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23 Apr 2014

By Mabel Sterritt