Paper Snow Globe Craft

Sure, it might feel like we’re living in our own personal snow globe these days, but you can still revel in the blustery winter weather by prompting your kids to make this adorable paper snow globe. The craft, courtesy of, is perfect for kids 3 to 7 years old.


What You’ll Need:


• Snow globe template;


• Construction paper (black and light blue)


• Snowman hat and scarf template;


• Snow globe base template;


• Let It Snow! banner;


• Safety scissors


• Washable tempera paint (white)


• Painting bowls


• Glue sticks


• Crayons


• Broad-tip markers


Here’s How:


1. Give your child a copy of the snow globe template and the snowman, hat and scarf template.


2. Cut out the snow globe template, trace it on light-blue construction paper and cut out the snow globe.


3. Next, cut out the snowman template and glue it on the snow globe. Then color the scarf and hat, cut them out and glue them to the snowman.


4. Give your child a snow globe base template. Cut out the template, trace it onto black construction paper and cut out the black snow globe base.


5. Glue the snow globe to the black base.


6. Cut out the “Let It Snow!” banner and glue it to the base of the snow globe.


7. Finally, add “snowflakes” to the snow globe by using your child’s fingertips to dab white paint around the snowman.


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21 Jan 2016