Outdoor Rock Games and Rock Crafts

Spring is here and the kids are antsy to get outside and play! Make playtime a little different this season by incorporating the rocks in your yard. Below is a list of outdoor rock games and rock crafts.



Tic Tac Toe Rocks

Create your very own version of tic tac toe, no paper needed! Either use the driveway as your playing board or even a large flat rock. Use sidewalk chalk to draw out your playing board. Each player picks out rocks that they want to use. Before the game starts, let each player get creative with their rocks. They can either use chalk or paint to design their rocks or just to make the traditional X and O. The rocks then become the playing pieces for the game.


Rock Memory Game

Collect as many rocks as you want to decorate.  Be sure to collect an even amount. Get out the paints or chalk and draw different shapes in many different colors. Make sure there is two of every shape created. When the rocks are all dry, you are ready to play! See how many rocks you can match up!


Rock Dominoes

This is an easy and fun project for kids. All you need is 28 smooth flat rocks and a white paint pen. You can use any color paint pen, white just shows up really well on darker rocks. Paint each rock like a domino tile. Let the paint dry before letting the kids start to play!


Another way to paint the rocks is to paint the ends different colors. Put a piece of masking tape around the middle of each rock and paint the ends any color you’d like. After the paint dries, remove the masking tape carefully. The kids will have a blast trying to match up the colors.


Create Your Own Story with Rocks

Find as many rocks as you can. On each rock, write with a sharpie or paint on a word of your choice. Be sure to use many words. This is an easy sight word game for beginner readers to practice. They can create their own story using these rocks over and over again. Use different colors to make your story a little colorful.


Another great way to create your own story is to paint images on to the rocks. The images can range from a cloud to a dog. It’s all up to the kids! When the rocks are completely dry, they can be used to tell a story to their friends or challenge mom and dad to tell a story to them. The children can use their creativity to create different shapes and images for a fun new way to tell a story each time!


Letter Stones

Take your reading time outside in the nice weather! Create letter stones by painting or using a marker on rocks. Create multiple sets of the most used letters of the alphabet. Before using the rocks, let them dry completely.  Have the kids practice their spelling by creating their own words or even words from a spelling test. A parent can create words and have the kids sound them out. When the rocks are not being used they can be kept in the garden!


For children just learning their letters, create two sets of rocks: one with uppercase letters and one with lowercase letters. Have them put the letter rocks in alphabetical order or keep the rocks in a pile and call out letters for them to find. It’s a great and fun way to learn letters while enjoying the warm weather outside.


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24 Mar 2015

By Boston Parents Paper