10 New Year's Party Ideas for Kids

1. Mock Countdown: A great way for kids to still celebrate and still go to bed on time! Change the clocks to hit “12” at a much earlier time. Let them celebrate just like it is midnight.


2. Milk & Cookie Toast: Everyone loves to toast at midnight! Let the kids toast with champagne glasses filled with milk with a warm chocolate chip cookie on the side for dipping.


3. New Years Eve Countdown: Have a balloon for every hour with a note inside. At each hour, pop the balloon and do what it says inside during that hour. A great way to keep the kids busy until midnight!


4. Photo Booth: Use different backdrops, props or costumes to create pictures you’ll love looking at later. Using a camera phones lets you easily email the photos to other parents at the party.


5. Make Party Hats: Get crafty with some paper, glitter and whatever else you can find! Children can make their own party hats to wear for the night.


6. Setup a S’mores Table: Set a table with different graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolates and surprise toppings.


7. Resolution Tree: Is your Christmas tree still up? Turn it into a Resolution tree! Take the holiday ornaments off and make New Year resolutions to hang on the tree. If you don’t have a Christmas tree, then attach resolutions on a string and hang above a doorway.


8. Your Very Own Ball Drop: Decorate a large Styrofoam ball with lots of craft supplies. Tie it to the ceiling with ribbon and cut it as the clock strikes 12 a.m.


9. Time Capsule: Fill a shoebox with your favorite family memories for the year. Open it next New Year’s Eve!


10. Scavenger Hunt: Send the kids on a scavenger hunt. Give each team a list and a bag. Everyone gets a prize!


We've got even more ideas on Pinterest.


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17 Dec 2013

By Caitlin Dougherty