Math Monster Craft

Monsters sure do make math more fun, especially when you get to create the little googly-eyed creature yourself. This craft, courtesy of, is perfect for kids 5 to 7 years old and will feel way more like a game than an educational activity.


• Recycled tissue boxes


• Decorative wrapping paper or scrapbook paper


• Tape


• Safety scissors


• Construction paper


• Pipe stems


• Glitter pom-poms


• Wiggly eyes


• Number cards;


• Addition cards;


• Subtraction cards;


• Monster Math Rule reproducible;


1. Help your child wrap, cover and decorate a tissue box with paper.


2. Instruct your child to cut out teeth and/or a tongue from construction paper. Glue it in or around the box opening to make the mouth of the monster.


3. Create antennae by having your child tape pipe stems or poke them through the top of the box, then add pom-poms and/or wiggly eyes to the top of the pipe stems.


4. Write a Monster Rule that the monster will follow. For example, “I only eat odd numbers.” Or “I only eat even numbers.” Or “I only eat numbers greater than 10.” Or “I only eat numbers less than 10.” You may want to give your kiddo a list of “rules” to choose from.


5. Have your child tape a rule beneath the mouth of the monster.


6. Cut out the number, addition or subtraction cards and “feed” the cards to monster according to his rules.


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22 Feb 2016