Loveable Lion Craft

This craft, courtesy of, is perfect for kids 4 to 6 years old as we weather the storm for the warmer part of the season when it will be the perfect time to visit zoos and get outdoors.


What You’ll Need:


• Lion template;


• Paper plate


• Craft stick


• Tissue paper (red, orange, yellow and brown)


• Crayons


• Glue stick


• Safety scissors


• Tape or stapler


Here’s How:


1. Using tape or a stapler, attach a craft stick to the bottom of the paper plate.


2. Copy the lion template onto white paper.


3. Cut tissue paper into one-inch squares.


4. Color the lion’s face yellow.


5. Cut out the lion face and have your child glue the lion’s face to the center of the plate.


6. Provide tissue paper squares in all four colors. Instruct your kiddo to glue the squares around the edge of the plate to make the lion’s mane. Encourage your child to overlap the squares so that no white is showing through. Allow the glue to dry.


7. For an added bonus, teach your child this sweet rhyme:


Leo the Lion


Is the king of the jungle


His jaws are open wide!




Leo the lion


When he roars it’s a warning


That you better run away and hide!



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30 Mar 2016