Learn to Read: Rhyming Words Craft

This project is great for kids who are just learning to read. Not only is it easy and fun, but rhyming words help with the learning process. A jet cut-out was used in this video but there are tons of other options you could choose from. Follow this simple step-by-step to re-create it.


Step 1: Get your supplies together for this rhyming word craft. You’ll need construction paper, scissors and markers. Don’t worry, if you’re not that artistic, you can find a jet template online and still have your child decorate it.


Step 2: If you are making your own jet, draw one onto construction paper. Construction paper is good because it’s sturdier and you can choose any color. Cut out any extra pieces around the jet so that you have a perfect cut-out. If you’re printing one out then do that first.


Step 3: Cut two slits into the middle of the jet. On the right of the slit write “et.”


Step 4: Take extra paper and cut it into a strip that can slide through the two slits in the back of the jet. On your strip of paper write the first letter of a word. So for jet, you would write the letters “p” for “pet,” “g” for “get,” and so forth. Watch the video to see how it’s done. Make sure to space out the letters so there is only one letter visible as your slide it through.


Step 5: Decorate your rhyming word jet craft! You can decorate it however you’d like to. Use some markers, crayons or even paint and glitter.


Step 6: Now you can start and place the strip of paper through the back of the two slits. Have your child read each word as you slide the paper. Practice as often as you’d like.


Don’t stop there! Have more rhyming word craft fun with different objects. Here are some other ideas to get you started on your next project:


* A rhyming word craft lady bug cut out with the rhyming words: bug, dug, hug, jug, mug, rug.

* A rhyming word craft boat cut out with the rhyming words: boat, coat, float, goat, moat.

* A rhyming word craft cat cut out with the rhyming words: bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, pat, rat, sat.


Share your comments below! We’d love to hear if you’ve tried one of these ideas or made your own rhyming word craft!



Cecelia Crosby is a new reader and created the plane and video. Jennifer Hanrahan is an intern with Boston Parents Paper and wrote the how to article.

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19 Aug 2014

By Cecelia Crosby & Jennifer Hanrahan