Kids’ Dance Birthday Party Ideas

Get ready to move, groove, twirl and shake at your kids' dance birthday party. 


Ballerina Extravaganza: If ballet is the theme for your child’s dance birthday party then tulle is the key. Even furniture can get into the ballerina spirit with tutus. Just wrap tulle around items like chairs, tables, party favor bags and of course, the kids. Pink is the perfect color. Throw on ribbons for a finishing touch.


Disco Fever: A disco party theme needs lots of sparkles, color and disco balls. You can even make your very own disco ball out of Styrofoam and tiny mirrors. For a fun craft that will double as a kids’ dance party favor, you can make smaller versions of disco balls.


80’s Theme: Go all out- 80’s style with big hair, bright colors, leggings and sweatbands. Throw on some shades and play the biggest songs of the 80’s. 


Party Favors: Send everyone home with a homemade dance CD. Add the best dance songs and even put your child’s picture in front of the case to really add something special. You can decorate items like t-shirts, necklaces and even socks which are perfect dance party favors.


Sweet Treats

Easily incorporate the different dance themes into ordinary foods to tie everything together.


Ballerina Cake: Use frosting and fondant to create a ballerina skirt around the bottom of the cake. Add on some ribbons and ballet shoe decorations with frosting and fondant as well.


Cookies: Cookies can be decorated to match any type of dance party theme. Rectangle cookies can be made into boom boxes and circles can be CDs. Most cookie cutter shapes can be found at a craft or food store. Use sprinkles, sparkles and frosting! You can even have birthday guests decorate their own cookies.


Microphone Cupcakes: For fun and unique dance party cupcakes, place a cupcake into a sugar ice cream cone. Top the cupcake with frosting and black sprinkles frosting to create an edible microphone.


Activities and Games

With a dance themed party, of course you need music. Make a kid friendly mix CD with songs that will get everyone moving. If you want more structured dancing and games try one of these:


Freeze Dance: Have all kids stand on the designated dance floor and play music. Choose a random time during the song to pause it. Kids have to freeze in the position they are in and hold it. Whoever doesn’t freeze or moves is out. Repeat until you have one child left standing. Give the winner a special prize.


Partner’s Choice: It may be hard to get quieter kids dancing right away at your dance party. So try this fun game. Have two kids start off dancing together and the rest in a circle watching. An adult will tell them when to switch partners and they each have to grab someone new from the audience. This keeps happening until all kids are dancing.


Copycat Dance: All children stand in a circle and one starts with their own original dance move. Then, the next child copies it and adds her own original move. The third child does the same and so on. This is a great way to let everyone show off their favorite moves and test their memories. At end there will be a new crazy dance trend started at your dance party with all of their moves!


Video Games: While sometimes it’s good to give children a break from video games, interactive dance games can be great exercise and tons of fun! Have a tournament between the guests and give the winner a cool prize.



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11 Jul 2014

By Jennifer Hanrahan