Kids Clothing Hacks

These great kids clothing hacks can save you time as well as money! 

Patching Holes

Has your child ever walked through the door with a giant hole in his or her almost new jeans? Even more annoying is when you were hoping those jeans would be a hand-me-down for child #2! Don’t worry, it’s an easy fix.  Iron-on patches are a great way to cover up a hole to extend the life of the jeans – available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Just cut them in squares or other fun shapes large enough to cover the hole and iron on – you can even find fun shapes and patterns already cut out for you. You can also sew it along the edges to make it extra sturdy.


Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are great for taking out small food stains on your kids clothes in case you don’t have time to do the wash. Hey, it happens to the best of us – no judgment here! They are also great for getting out stains in the carpet or in car upholstery.


Sweater Organizer

Using a 6-compartment sweater organizer can be useful for planning out your child’s clothing picks for the week. Put one outfit in each bin ahead of time. Leave the 6th compartment for any accessories your child may need, such as a belt, hat, tights, etc. It’s an easy way to save time in the morning and you will be sure your child doesn’t wear the same outfit over and over again, extending the life of his or her favorite shirts and pants.


Write On Tags

When you have more than one child, it can be hard to tell which clothing piece belongs to each child! Here’s an idea! When you purchase clothing, either write the child’s name on the tag with a fabric marker or dedicate a specific color to each child and use a fabric marker to draw a dot on the tag.


Clothing Carts

If you need a place to put out different outfits or everyday accessories for your child, you may want to get a clothing cart. It is a good alternative to just throwing everything in the dresser and wearing the same things over and over again. It’s small and can fit in a corner of their room. They will be able to get up and dress themselves because everything is on the cart for them.


One Hanger, One Outfit

Instead of hanging one shirt on each hanger or one pair of pants on each hanger, hang an outfit together. When you start folding their laundry, be sure to pair together different shirts and pants to put on each hanger. Hang the hangers in the closet and your child instantly has complete outfits to pick from. When you go to do laundry again, you can put together different outfits for the next week. This also works great for sports uniforms!


Hand-Me-Down Hacks

For daycare and preschool, our kids would bring a bedding bag each week – with their name on the outside of the bag so the teachers knew who it belonged to. If you have a second child who will be reusing that bag once your oldest goes to elementary school, decorate an iron-on patch with the new user’s name on it, then cover up the name that’s already on the bag so no one will ever know! You can do this for any item that will be reused by your second, third or even fourth child.


No-Slip Socks

Does your child slip and slide on your wood or tiled floors? Decorate the bottom of each sock with Tulip Slick Fabric Paint, available at craft stores, which will provide grip against smooth surfaces. Make sure to let dry completely before walking on floors! 

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30 Sep 2015

By Boston Parents Paper