Jelly Bean Math

Practicing sorting, graphing and estimating has never been so sweet as it is (literally!) with Jelly Bean Math from It’s perfect for kids ages 4 to 7 years. Who doesn’t love a colorful graph of treats?


What You’ll Need:


• Small paper cups or sandwich bags


• Jelly beans


• Jelly bean graphing sheet;


• Washable broad-tip markers


• Chart paper


• Jar


Sorting and Graphing Directions:


1. Put jelly beans in a cup or sandwich bag.


2. Give your child a copy of the jelly bean graphing sheet. Instruct your child to sort the jelly beans by color onto the sheet.


3. Ask questions like: What color did you have most of? What color did you have least of? How many more (color) do you have than (another color)? How many jelly beans did you have altogether?


Estimating Directions:


1. Place an amount of jelly beans in a jar.


2. Ask your child to estimate how many candies are in the jar.


3. Record their answers on chart paper with a marker.


4. Open the jar and place the jelly beans in piles of 10. Use these piles to count the total number of jelly beans. How close was your child’s estimate?


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22 Feb 2016