Independence Day Drum Craft

Who needs fireworks when you can make this patriotic instrument? This activity from is perfect for ages 3 to 7.


What You’ll Need:


• Recycled oatmeal or coffee containers with lids


• Butcher or construction paper (red, white and blue)


• Sponges


• Painting bowls


• Washable liquid tempera paint (red, white and blue)


• Glue


• Glitter painters


• Newspaper or butcher paper


• Scissors


Here’s How:


1. Spread old newspaper over your work space. Squeeze paint into bowls.


2. Cut sponges into star shapes.


3. Measure and cut the red, white and blue paper to fit over the lidded containers.


4. Have your child select a red, white or blue sheet of the cut paper.


5. Dip the sponges in the paint and stamp star shapes onto paper.


6. Allow to dry overnight, then decorate with glitter painters.


7. Glue sponge-painted sheets around the outside of the container.


8. Play a patriotic tune (such as “My Country ’Tis of Thee” or “This Land Is Your Land”) and have the kids tap the drum to the beat of the song!


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29 Jun 2015