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THE TOP 5 Places for Ice Skating in Greater Boston and Massachusetts in 2018

by 2018 Family Favorites on

THE TOP 5 Places for Ice Skating in Greater Boston and Massachusetts in 2018 as voted on by parents throughout Massachusetts... Read full article

Best Ice Skates for Beginners


Learn about your options when choosing the right beginner’s ice skates for kids and adults. Hockey skates are fast and maneuverable. And figure skates for practicing jumps and spins.... Read full article

Where to Go Ice Skating in Massachusetts


As we usher in winter, now is the perfect time to grab your family and friends and head to an ice skating rink. ... Read full article

Ice Skating Ponds in Massachusetts


Grab your ice skates and visit one of these ice skating ponds in Massachusetts. Massachusetts' ice skating ponds are a great way to enjoy the outdoors during winter and introduce the next generation to Massachusetts' ice skating tradition.... Read full article

How To Teach a Child to Ice Skate


Ice skating is a fun activity that gets kids physically active and teaches them a lifelong skill. Get started teaching your kids with these 5 tips. Teaching a young kid to ice skate is fun for both parent and child. ... Read full article

Walking Water Experiment


Check out this fun experiment to try with kids. ... Read full article

How to Make Beeswax Candles


Make beeswax candles with your kiddos - here's how! ... Read full article

Melted Bead Bowl Craft


Watch our video on how to make a melted bead bowl. ... Read full article

DIY Melted Bead Accessories and Crafts


Have fun making these DIY melted bead accessories with your kids! ... Read full article

Frozen Inspired Anna’s Coronation Hairstyle Tutorial


Does your child love Anna's Coronation style from Frozen? Check out the video on how to achieve it now! ... Read full article