Ice Skating Birthday Party Ideas

Ice Skating Birthday Party Ideas


Does your child have a winter birthday? Have an ice skating birthday party! Whether it’s at your local pond, a local ice rink or at a homemade pond in your backyard, there are so many ways to make your ice skating birthday party a blast.


Ice Skating Birthday Party Invitations


Stick with the party theme and create invitations to look like ice skates.  You can let your child decorate each pair of skates before sending out to friends. Be sure to include if the party is inside or outside so the kids can dress accordingly.  Another fun idea is to stick with a Birthday on Ice theme. Create the invitations to look like tickets to your child’s Birthday on Ice.


Ice Skating Birthday Party Locations


Check out local ice skating rinks (for ice skating rinks in Massachusetts click here) and ponds (for ice skating ponds in Massachusetts click here). Creating your own ice skating rink in your backyard is also an option if you are up for the challenge.  If the party is outside, you will be able to decorate and set up snack tables a little easier than at a rink.


Ice Skating Birthday Party Hot Chocolate Bar


Hot chocolate is a must at an ice skating party! It’s perfect for when the kids need a break to warm up. A hot chocolate bar to allows the kids to create their very own creation.  Set out different toppings to mix in such as marshmallows, candy canes, cinnamon sticks, whipped cream, sprinkles and any other treats you would like!


Ice Skating Birthday Party Melted Snowflakes Drink


Keep the kids hydrated with melted snowflakes! Buy a pack of water bottles and remove the label. Create your own label to go with the party theme on the computer or by hand. Instead of drinking water, the kids will be able to drink melted snowflakes!


Ice Skating Birthday Party Games


* When the kids change into their skates, have them put their shoes into a big pile. When skating time is over, line the kids up. Blindfold them one at a time and see who can pick out their own shoes from the pile. The child that picks out her shoes correctly wins a special prize.


* Freeze skate is a fun skating game. Let the kids skate around to their favorite music and whenever the music stops, the kids must freeze in place!


* Relay races are always fun. Divide the kids into two teams. Set a starting and finishing line, and have one child from each team race down and back, with the next child starting when the teammate returns. The team that completes the ice skating race first wins.



Ice Skating Birthday Party Favors


* Let the birthday girl or boy pick out a thermos and be sure to get enough for each child at the party. Fill the thermos with chocolate kisses or ingredients to make hot chocolate. Have your child create little thank you notes and tie a thank you note onto each thermos with ribbon. 


* Mittens are a cute and easy favor! Pick out different colors and let the kids pick their favorite when they leave. Be sure to tie the mittens together with a thank you note.


* Create your very own icicle cone to give away as favors. They are easy to make and the kids will the love them. Dip sugar cones into melted white chocolate and set it down on wax paper until the chocolate is completed dry and hardened. Fill the cones with white chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. Wrap the cones in cellophane and tie with your favorite colored ribbon. Add a nametag or a thank you card to each cone. 

For more ideas on planning your child's ice skating birthday party, visit our Pinterest board by clicking here

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03 Feb 2015

By Boston Parents Paper