How to Plan a Garden Party

What better way to celebrate the warm weather than by throwing a party in your backyard garden? You won’t have to rent a venue and you can flaunt the flora and fauna of your own garden! Here are some tips on how to throw a great party centered around your garden for either a kids’ birthday or just for fun.


Invitations: You can make your invitations as simple or as complex as you’d like. Consider shaping the invitations like flowers in your backyard or include pressed flowers inside the invitations. For more templates and ideas, check out our Pinterest board below!


Themes: Put a unique twist on your garden party by giving it a theme! Flowers aren’t the only things living in gardens; consider using something else as your theme. Why not create a party centered around ladybugs, gnomes or fairies? The party can still be held in your backyard garden, and you can decorate according to your theme.


Decorations: The decor of your party can reflect the look and feel of your garden. Before the party, clip a few flowers and use them as centerpieces. Take a trip to your local garden store and stock up on potting plants, decorative stones and any other interesting or unique gardening pieces. Use these at your tables and around the garden party. You can also create a flower garland or welcome your guests to the party with a trail of flowers. If your party gets rained in, you can easily recreate the garden look in your own home! Use freshly cut flowers and place them indoors to make garden party guests feel like they’re spending the day in a beautiful, blooming garden!


Food: If you have a vegetable garden, then preparing food for your garden party will be easy! The food in your garden can become the food on your table. Create a fresh vegetable platter using what you can find in your garden. Grow tomatoes, sugar peas, carrots or cucumbers to make a varied and healthy platter. If you grow herbs, you can use them to season a main dish, such as chicken or pork. Do you only grow flowers in your garden? You can still create some great appetizers and drinks with the flowers from your garden since many flowers have edible parts. For example, you can make a delicious lavender lemonade drink for garden party guests to sip on. Even if you can’t use the flowers to cook with, they can always be used for garnish to coordinate with your garen party theme!


Activities: If you’re throwing a birthday themed garden party for children, there are plenty of activities that they can participate in. A simple and easy idea is to have children paint rocks. Using acrylic paint and rocks from the garden, have kids paint faces or designs on their rocks. When the party is over, give the guests the option to take their rocks home or to keep them in the garden as a fun keepsake! You can also create a nature-themed scavenger hunt, using plants or animals found in your backyard. Have children look for each item and either draw it or take a picture of it. Consider booking a flower arranging specialist and have them host a class in your garden using your own flowers!


Favors: For a garden party favor, send each guest home with their own bouquet of flowers, or their own basket of fresh vegetables or herbs! You can also include seed packets, gardening tools or gardening accessories. These can include gloves, small shovels, hats or sunglasses.


For more ideas on how to plan a garden party, check out our Pinterest board here.


Have you thrown a garden party for a kid’s birthday party or did you use some of our tips to host your own garden party? Share your comments! 

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11 Jul 2014

By Mabel Sterritt