How to Make Beeswax Candles

Last year my daughter received a beeswax candle making kit for her birthday. I tucked it away for a rainy day, and when that rainy day came, my daughter and I set out to make beeswax candles. After just five minutes, we were hooked! She made her birthday cake candles, I made a Halloween bat candle and for the next couple hours we busily made different types of beeswax candles. Whether you make them for your home, a teacher’s gift, or a birthday or holiday gift for a family member or friend, these DIY beeswax candles will instantly brighten up someone’s day! Check out our video on how to make beeswax candles – then get to creating!


What You Need:


* Beeswax sheets – you can purchase beeswax sheets in a variety of colors.

* Cotton wick

* Scissors

* Knife

* Cutting board

* Optional: You can also purchase a beeswax candle kit which includes beeswax sheets and a lengthy piece of cotton wick that you’ll need to craft your own beeswax candle, however the colors may be limited depending on the kit.


Here’s How:


1. To make a simple beeswax candle, lay out one sheet of beeswax in front of you. Line up the cotton wick at the edge of one side of the beeswax, press it down and carefully curl the beeswax around the wick to secure it. Roll the beeswax in a tight cylinder, smoothing the edge down at the end once you’ve finished rolling. Cut the wick at the top, leaving about a half-inch sticking out of the beeswax candle.


2. To make a thicker pillar beeswax candle, you will need two even sheets of wax. Use a knife to cut one square piece of beeswax candle in half, then lay them lengthwise touching each other. Again, line up the cotton wick at the edge of one side of the beeswax sheet, press it down and begin curling the first beeswax sheet around it. When you get to the second sheet, continue wrapping it around the candle in a tight cylinder. You can even do another one to make an even thicker beeswax candle.


3. To make a tapered beeswax candle, cut a square sheet of wax on an angle. Again, place the wick at the longer end of the candle and wrap the beexwax around the wick to secure it. Roll the beeswax into a cylinder and press down the wax once you get to the end. We love the spiral effect of this beeswax candle.


4. Add a spiral to a simple candle. Cut a thin strip of beeswax off of one sheet – make sure it’s a different and complimentary color that goes with the base candle. Wrap the strip around the beeswax candle carefully, pressing down to secure the thin strip of wax to the simple beeswax candle.


5. Cookie cutter beeswax candle. To make these cookie cutter beeswax candles, you’ll need to stack several pieces of beexwax together. Pick out a cookie cutter – it could be holiday themed, sports shape, flower, heart – the choice is yours! Use the cookie cutter to cut out at least five or six of the same beeswax shape. Carefully remove the beeswax from the cookie cutter. Lay the first three on top of each other, pressing down gently to attach to the pieces of beeswax together, then press down the wick in the middle, and top with remaining beeswax shapes.


Note: Save all the pieces, even small ones. These can be pressed on to make fun decorations on your candle. Use cookie cutters or a knife to cut out fun shapes to press onto your candles. 

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03 Feb 2016

By Rebecca Schwartz & Cheryl Crosby