Glow Stick Ideas & Crafts

Looking for some fun games to play in the pool, during a birthday party or when the sun goes down with your kids? Here are some fun and creative ways to use glow sticks for outdoor games, crafts and decorations this summer!


Magic Jars

* Create magic in a jar. All you need is a glow stick, diamond glitter and a jar. Cut open the glow stick and pour the liquid in along with the glitter into a jar. Seal and shake.


Glow in the Dark Bowling and Golf

* Need cool games to play on a warm summer night? Just place 10 cracked glow sticks in 10 empty water bottles. Now you have glow in the dark bowling pins!

* Light up golf tees and holes so everyone can see where they are aiming.


Glowing Balloons

* Light up a kid's party by filling balloons with cracked glow sticks. You can place them out in the front of your house to make sure people know which one is the right house.

* To take it a step further, place the glow sticks in a water balloon. Then place the balloons in a stocking to hang them.


Pool Lights

* Light up the pool and go for a night swim! Glow sticks can make great, inexpensive pool lights. Place the glow sticks in balloons and throw those in the pool or just use the glow sticks alone. Choose lots of colors for extra fun.

* You can also place them in pool raft holes to make a glow in the dark raft.

* Use blown up rubber gloves instead of balloons to create glowing, floating hands. This would be perfect for Halloween.


Classic Games: In the dark!

* Instead of drawing a hopscotch board on the cement with chalk, use glow stick rings to mark the areas you are supposed to jump to.

* For hide and seek, simply hide glow sticks around the dark yard to find, similar to a scavenger hunt.

* For ring toss, just make the glow sticks into rings and toss!

* Light up bean bags and the markers for bean bag toss by gluing or taping glow sticks to them.

* Use glow sticks as the tic-tac-toe board and the x’s and o’s.



* Use glow stick circular connectors to create pretty flowers or balls to toss around. 

* A styrofoam ball is a great base to make a glow stick creature. Use mini glow sticks to connect and transform a styrofoam ball into your very own unique glow in the dark creature.

* Decorate a room by hanging connected glow stick rings to create chains.


Food and Drink Fun

* Glow sticks in cotton candy make a delicious, sweet treat even better. Just simply use a glow sick as the cotton candy stick.

* For drinks, put a glow stick ring on the bottom of your cup and assign colors so everyone knows their drink.


For more ideas, check out our Glow Stick Pinterest board here.

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09 Jun 2014

By Jennifer Hanrahan