First Sleepover Party Ideas & What to Expect

Are you hosting your first sleepover party or is your child attending his or her first sleepover party? Check out our first sleepover party ideas and what to expect.

What to Bring to a Sleepover Party

  • Cute/comfy pajamas. Pajamas aren’t a fashion staple in everyday life but this is the time to show off the cutest pair!
  • Movies. What’s a slumber party without entertainment? Movies are always a big hit.
  • Snacks. Slumber parties are the time when eating healthy and having a regular dinner doesn’t matter. Send your son or daughter off with plenty of snacks to share. Sweets and popcorn are classics!
  • A comfort item from home. If this is your child’s first time sleeping away from home, suggest a comfort item, such as a favorite blanket or stuffed animal.
  • A toothbrush. Fresh breath after all of those snacks is a great idea.

What to Expect at a Sleepover Party

Now that your child has all the essential items packed, prepare for what will happen at the slumber party.

Slumber parties aren’t always planned out with a set schedule, but there will probably be a lot of snacking, movie watching, dancing, laughing and fun stories. It seems funny, but sleeping at a sleepover can be tricky as partygoers try to stay up as late as possible. The first one to fall asleep could even have a friendly prank pulled on them. And don’t be surprised if your child comes home and takes a long nap to catch up on sleep missed during the party!

If your child gets home sick, have him or her tell a friend or even a parent. Usually, a talk can help calm worries. If your child has a cell phone, a quick call or text may help soothe fears.

Hosting Your Own Sleepver Party

If your child is hosting a first slumber party at your home, plan fun activities, movies and snacks or meals so every base is covered. Check out these fun themes for slumber parties:

  • Spa Party. Get some fuzzy socks/slippers, robes, nail polish, nail files and face masks and the guests will feel like they are at a home spa!
  • Movie Marathon. Tell all of the guests to bring their favorite movie. Or pick a theme like horror, 80s or animation. Serve different varieties of popcorn.
  • “Camping.”  If it’s a nice night, “camp” out in the backyard and serve s’mores. Or, set up blankets like a tent in the living room and fill it with pillows if the weather is bad.
  • Make Your Own Pizza Party. Ordering pizza is great, but it’s even more fun to make your own pizza! Everyone gets their own dough and can put any toppings they want on it, such as cheese, mushrooms, pepperoni, sausage, peppers, olives and pineapple.
  • Dance Party. What’s easier or more fun than throwing on some music and dancing around the house? Have guests bring their favorite songs to dance to.
  • Makeovers. Buy some fun makeup, glitter and wash-out hair dye. The girls can give each other crazy makeovers!
  • Ice Cream Bar. Set the table with a variety of flavors, hot fudge, whipped cream, sprinkles and candy. The perfect sweet ending to a great night.
  • Game Night. An old fashioned board game or card game can be tons of fun. Crazy games like Twister or Apples to Apples always end in laughs.


The most important tip is to have fun. No matter where the slumber party is held or what someone has planned for activities and food, slumber parties will create long-lasting memories for your child.

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10 Feb 2015

By Jennifer Hanrahan