Father’s Day Frames

Help your little one tell the most important man in her life just how much she cares with these picture frames. This activity, courtesy of, is perfect for kids ages 3 to 7 years.


What You’ll Need:

• Picture frame template, “Happy Father’s Day!” reproducible and “My Dad, My Hero” reproducible;

• Foam sheets


• Washable liquid tempera paint


• Paintbrushes


• Recycled newspaper


• Painting bowls


• Glue


• Peel and stick jewels or foam shapes


• Tape


• Yarn


• Scissors


• Pen




1. Have your child decorate the edges of the frame with a variety of collage materials. Instruct her to leave the top edge blank.


2. Encourage your child to glue the “Happy Father’s Day!” banner onto the top edge of the frame.


3. Choose a paint color for his handprint.


4. Have your child sign (if she’s old enough) a copy of the “My Dad, My Hero” reproducible at the bottom of the poem. Then help paint her hand and press it firmly down on the paper next to the poem.


5. Let dry, then glue the frame onto the page, taking care not to cover the poem or handprint. Let the glue dry.


6. Tape a piece of yarn to the back for easy display.


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20 May 2016