Father Support Groups

Editor’s Note: While all attempts have been made to make these lists as accurate as possible, times and program availability may be subject to change. Please check information in advance to avoid disappointment. 

• At-Home Dad Network is a group of at-home dads offering support for fathers who stay home to parent. Playgroups, activities and affiliations with other At-Home Dad Networks worldwide. To join an At-Home Dad group or start one of your own, visit or contact founder Peter Baylies at

• Fatherhood Kit 
is a program sponsored by the Massachusetts Children’s Trust Fund. Fathers receive a kit that offers parenting tips and a list of resources for dads, such as parenting groups and play groups. To receive a FREE kit, call 888-775-4KID (4543).

• Fathers and Families 
is an advocacy group that seeks shared parenting for the children of divorced and never-married parents with equal rights and responsibilities for fathers and mothers.

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29 Aug 2013