Fall Crafts for Kids

From the cold brisk mornings, you can tell that fall is finally here! Fall is all about being cozy, decorating and getting ready for winter. Take a look at the list below of fall crafts you can create with your child and make cute, fall decorations!


Handprint Acorns

This is an easy craft for kids of all ages. You will need brown and white washable paint, a paintbrush and white paper.  Start by mixing the brown and white paint together to create a light brown/tan color. Let the kids paint their own hand and stamp it on the paper.  Paint the top of the acorn with brown and you have a simple yet adorable painting!


Leaf Garland

Grab a bag of artificial leaves, glue, hole puncher, ribbon and glitter. Paint the leaves with the glue and sprinkle the glitter over the leaf. After the glue is set, shake off the excess glitter. Punch a hole at the top of each leaf, attach ribbon and hang anywhere in the house.  The leaves are shimmery and will definitely add a little fall sparkle to your home. 


Leaf Mason Jars

For this craft you will need real or fake leaves, a mason jar, a sponge paint brush and mod podge.  Start by painting a thin layer of mod podge onto a section of the Mason jar. Once it becomes sticky, place a leaf onto the section that you painted. Continue to paint the jar and stick leaves on. Make sure to smooth out the edges before moving on to the next leaf. It may take more than one layer of leaves to get your desired look. Let the jar dry for a few hours to make sure all of the leaves will stick on. For an extra touch, add brown ribbon to the top of the jar and tie a bow. This is a perfect decoration for fall! For more Mason jar craft ideas, click here


Popsicle Stick Scarecrows

For this craft, you will need popsicle sticks, felt, googly eyes, tacky glue, cardstock and a marker. Before getting started, cut out the hat, hair and nose using any color felt you would like. Take a piece of cardstock and glue the popsicle sticks onto it to keep them sturdy and together.  Glue the hair on first and then the hat. Next, glue the googly eyes and the nose onto your scarecrow. With the marker, draw in the mouth. If you want to hang the scarecrow up, glue ribbon on to the back so it will hang easily.


Painted Pine cones

Pine cones are plentiful in the fall and winter and you can use them to create many different crafts. One simple way to decorate them is to paint them. Paint them one simple color or paint them multiple different colors if you are for up for a challenge.  If you want to add a little sparkle, add glue to the tips before sprinkling the glitter on. Once your pinecones are finished, let them dry. Hang ribbons or string on to the pine cones so your child can hang them anywhere they want.


We’ve compiled  a must-have “Children’s Arts and Crafts Supply List” for you to have on hand to make fun projects. Click here to read it! 


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What’s your favorite fall craft to do? Tell us in our comments section.



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19 Sep 2014

By Boston Parents Paper