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Articles in Discipline and Expecting!

How active and imaginative play encourages learning

by Lauren Koppelman on

How do parents know if an educational environment is right for their child? Studies have shown that active, dramatic play is an integral part of early childhood learning. Parents need to determine whether a learning environment is conducive to develo... Read full article

10 Stomach Settling Tips Help Relieve Morning Sickness


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March of Dimes: Sam’s Story of Survival


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Why Some Kids Lash Out & What to Do About It


Biting, hitting, bullying. We take a look at these behaviors and offer solutions on how to help stop them from happening. ... Read full article

Am I Crazy or Am I Just Pregnant?


Surprising pregnancy symptoms you may not know about.... Read full article

Time Management for New Mothers


How to balance your new life with baby.... Read full article

When & Why a Baby Smiles


What do your baby's smiles really mean?... Read full article

Well-Baby Nurseries vs. Rooming-In


What every mom needs to know before she gives birth.... Read full article

Upping the Odds for Pregnancy


Do fertility diets work? We take a closer look. ... Read full article

March of Dimes: I Think I Can


This teen born prematurely is proving doctors wrong.... Read full article