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Surviving a Stalled Economy: Strategies for Families


As we continue to deal with this recession, we all could use some strategies for stretching the dollar – spending less on bills and more on family fun and the future. Here's some sound, doable ideas from financial experts and parents.... Read full article

Director Dad: Steven Spielberg on Kids, Parenting and His Film, The Adventures of Tintin


Steven Spielberg likes films where young people rise above obstacles to solve problems, pursue dreams and meet their goals. His film, The Adventures of Tintin, is a story about just that. Hear from the renowned director about his work and his family.... Read full article

Caring for Your Kids – and Your Parents: New Help for the Sandwich Generation


For an increasing number of parents, caring for family means caring for your kids and your parents. A psychologist and author offers ideas on balancing your life and handling the dynamics that come with caring for extended family.... Read full article

Time to Plan for Summer Camp!


Summer camps fill up early – as early as the winter months! Some advanced research and planning with your kids is in order. Check out our 2012 guide to making the most of your child's summer camp experience.... Read full article

Support Groups for Parents & Families in the Boston Area


Need a shoulder to lean on? A helping hand? Check out the numerous support groups and organizations available to parents, kids and whole families in Eastern Massachusetts.... Read full article

6 Common School-Year Illnesses and How to Avoid Them


The start of a new school year has many parents on the lookout for the latest illnesses swirling around the classroom. Here are six common, infectious illnesses to watch for, along with tips on how your child can avoid catching or spreading them.... Read full article

New Warnings About the Sun and Tanning


Despite years of warnings about the sun, tanning beds and skin cancer, Americans continue to stay outside too long without enough sunscreen, and many adolescents and adults are using tanning beds. Here's an updated look at a continuing problem.... Read full article

Relationships: When a Spouse's Gifts Miss the Mark


"Relationships" is a column that explores our interactions with our kids, our spouses or partners, our parents or in-laws, and others. Here, a woman asks how to get her husband to give more inspiring holiday or birthday gifts.... Read full article

Concussions: Recovery is More Than Sitting Out a Game


New state regulations aimed at better protecting child athletes from the dangers of concussions focus on educating adults on how to recognize a concussion and on how long a child might need to recover, physically and cognitively.... Read full article