DIY Valentine’s Day Cards & Crafts

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Don’t run out last minute to buy Valentine’s Day cards for your child’s class, have your child make homemade Valentine’s Day cards or crafts. Take a look at the list below for ideas.


DIY Valentine’s Day Heart Envelope

Cut out a heart in your child’s favorite paper. She can write a note or draw a picture on the front. When finished creating your love note, fold the sides of the heart in to create a triangle on the bottle of the heart. Fold the bottom triangle up to look like an envelope that has not been closed. Tape into place and put whatever you would like in the envelope. Then close and it is ready for her valentine.


Valentine’s Day Heart Breaker

You will need colored paper, stapler, scissors and chocolate candies for this craft. Cut out two hearts the exact same size. Let the kids color each heart and decorate them any way they want.  On the bottom, draw a squiggly line down the middle and write “tear here.”  Put the two pieces together and start stapling around the edges. Be sure to leave an opening at the top to put the candy in. Fill the heart with candy and then staple the top to be sure that no candy comes out.


Valentine’s Day Bear Hugs

Give your friends a bear hug with this little treat bag. Fill a little bag full of your favorite flavored teddy bears. Create tags for each bag with each child’s name on it and who the bag is from. Let the kids decorate each tag for their friends. Place tag on ribbing and tie around the bag to close it.


Valentine’s Day Lollipop Cards

Create a Valentine that your child’s classmates will love. Create little Valentine tags and stick them to a lollipop with a creative note. You can also tie your note on with ribbon or cut a slit in it and slide your lollipop through.


Valentine’s Day Dino-mite Cards

Cut a small paper plate in half. Let the kids get creative and paint it whatever pattern they choose. Once the plate is completely dry, cut out dinosaur spikes from card stock – any color will do. It may be easier to draw them out first and then cut. Don’t forget to add a face, tail and a googley eye. You can glue to a piece of card stock paper to complete the dinosaur and to write a note to friends.


Valentine’s Day Painted Hearts

For this card you will need card stock paper, toilet paper rolls, paint and any other crafting supplies the kids want to decorate with, such as glitter or stickers. Bend the end of the toilet paper rolls into heart shapes.  Dip the ends of the toilet paper rolls into paper and get stamping! Let the paint completely dry before writing a message on the card. You could also dip the toilet paper rolls into glue and sprinkle glitter on top for a different look.


Bee Mine Valentine’s Day Card

Instead of creating traditional cards this year, have your kids hand out cute “Bee Mine” Valentine’s Day cards to friends. You will need pink, yellow and black paper, black pipe cleaners, a black marker and glue. Cut out two of the same size yellow hearts (wings), a small pink heart (for a message), two tiny pink hearts (to decorate the larger pink heart), a yellow oval (body), a few black stripes (or use black marker) and two small black ovals (or black marker) for eyes. Assemble bee and glue or draw on the black eyes, stripes and antennas. Write a message on the larger pink heart and glue towards the bottom of the bee. Glue on smaller hearts around the pink heart.




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