DIY Teacher Gifts

Finding the perfect gift for your child's teacher can sometimes be a difficult task, but we have a solution! For holidays and end-of-year celebrations, check out these teacher gifts that you can craft with your kids. The kids will have fun and their teachers will love their creativity! Take a look at the list below of DIY teacher gift ideas and choose the one you think your children's teachers will love the most.



Apple Jar: Create a cute apple jar for your favorite teacher. You will need a small Mason jar, paint, construction paper and your favorite treat ,such as M&Ms or mints. Paint the outside of the jar red. Paint the lid of the jar green. Once the paint is completely dry, cut out two small leaves to glue on the top of the lid. Fill the jar with any kind of sweet treat!


Crayon Jar: Perfect to hold pencils or even flowers! You will need an empty can, a large box of crayons, glue and ribbon. Glue each crayon to the outside of the can, working your way around. Hold each crayon down firmly before moving on to the next. Once done, add your favorite ribbon to add a decorative touch.


Teacher Survival Kit: Use an old First Aid Kit or find a cute box to put all of the essentials in. Fill with instant coffee pouches, mints, pens, etc. Make sure to put in a sweet thank you note as well. Perfect kit for when a teacher is having a rough day!


Ruler Wreath:  Find a small chalkboard that you can write your message on. Next, cut 10 to 14 rulers in half; the number will depend on how big your chalkboard is. Glue the rulers to the back of the chalkboard with the top of the ruler facing up. Let dry. Feel free to add cut outs of school items such as books, crayons, etc.  Glue a piece of string or ribbon to the top so the teacher can easily hang the wreath up in the classroom.


Pencil Frame:  Glue pencils or crayons to any size frame. Let it dry for a half an hour. This is an easy craft that will make a cute accessory for the teacher’s desk!


Pencil Planter: You will need a flower pot, block of foam, yellow pencils, scrap paper, Easter grass or shredded paper, ribbon, flower punch.  With the flower punch, punch out many different flowers with different color scrap paper. Stick the flowers on the end of the pencil so the eraser sticks out. Be careful not to rip the flower. Stick the foam in the bottom of the pot and fill with grass or shredded paper. Stick the pencils into the foam to create a pretty flower arrangement.  Tie a bow around the pot with the ribbon. It’s a fun craft and a great teacher’s gift!


Chalkboard Flower Pot: Let the kids paint the bottom of the pot in chalkboard paint. Paint the rim of the top yellow to create a ruler. Once dry, paint the lines on the ruler. Once the pot is completely dry, let the kids write or draw a special message for their teacher and plant a flower inside of the flower pot.


Hot Cocoa Kit: Take any white mug and draw or paint the teacher’s name or initial on the cup. Let dry. Fill the cup with either tea packets, instant coffee packets, or hot cocoa and marshmallow packets.


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Have you crafted a DIY teacher gift for your child's teacher? Tell us all about it in our comments section!  


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26 Nov 2014

By Boston Parents Paper