DIY Snowman Snow Globe Craft

This cute snowman snow globe craft is perfect for the holiday season and makes a great present for grandparents, aunts and uncles. Follow along with these easy steps to make your very own homemade snow globe. We premade our snowman out of clay. You can make any figure you’d like, such as Christmas trees, Olaf, reindeer, Jewish star, heart or princess. Just make sure it fits inside of the jar before you glue it on to the lid.


What You’ll Need

* A baby food jar, rinsed well and dried

* Water

* Glycerin

* Glitter, silver or rainbow

* Clay

* Hot Glue Gun (parents, make sure to help with the hot glue as young children can burn themselves!)



1. First, empty and clean out the baby food jar. Don’t forget to remove the label.

2. Make your snowman out of clay. Use any colors you want and be as creative as you want. We used Sculptey clay. Just remember to bake it according to package directions before you make your snow globe.

3. Make sure to test if the snowman is a good size by placing him on the inside of the lid. and placing the jar over it. If it’s a good size glue the different body pieces and the accessories together with hot glue.

4. Glue the snowman to the inside of the lid. Make sure he’s secure before you continue.

5. Fill the baby food jar with water.

6. Squirt about a tablespoon of glycerin in the jar.

7. Add as much glitter as you want.

8. Screw on the lid with the snowman attached.

9. Secure the lid with hot glue around the outside. Shake. If water comes out, you may to seal it again with hot glue.

10. Shake and watch the glitter fall around your snowman


We’ve compiled a list of must-have craft supplies to always have on hand. Read it here!

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