DIY Pine Cone Crafts

Collect pine cones for fun crafts, making sure to bake the pine cones to get rid of any unwanted critters. Take a look at the list below for fun and easy pine cone crafts for kids.


Pine Cone Spiders

For this craft you will need pine cones, black pipe cleaners, googly eyes, small colored pom-poms, a hot glue gun and black spray paint.  Spray paint the pine cone black and let dry. Glue the googly eyes onto the pom-poms. Once the pine cone is completely dry, glue the eyes onto the top front of the pine cone. Attach the pipe cleaners by wedging the centers into the body of the pine cone. To make sure they are secure, glue into place. Bend the pipe cleaners and trim to the desired length to give the spider legs.

Pine Cone Owl Ornament

This ornament is great for fall and can even be used at Christmas time. You will need pine cones, string, different colored cardstock or felt, and buttons or googly eyes. Cut out connecting circles to make the owl face out of either cardstock or felt, then glue onto the pine cone.  Cut out two white circles and glue onto the face to make the eyes. Once it is glued, take your buttons or googly eyes and glue on to the white felt or card stock to complete the eyes.  Cut out a small, orange triangle for a nose and yellow stars for the feet. Glue the extra pieces on. Cut out pear like shapes from brown card stock or felt and glue on to the sides of the pine cone for wings. Take the string and tie it onto a pine cone petal to hang.

Pine Cone Bird Feeder

This is a very easy pine cone craft for kids! It is fun to make and fun to watch! Spread peanut butter all over the pine cone. After it is covered, roll the pine cone in birdseed. Take a pipe cleaner or string and tie it onto the top of the pine cone. Hang outside.


Pine Cone Monsters

For this pine cone monster craft you will need pine cones, paint, pipe cleaners and googly eyes. Paint the pine cones with any color you want or even multiple colors. Allow the pine cone to dry. Glue the googly eyes near the top of the pine cone to create the monster’s eyes. Then, take the pipe cleaners and attach for legs and arms. Make sure to trim the pipe cleaners to your desired length.


Pine Cone Squirrel

For this craft, you will need a pine cone, one-inch brown pom-pom, googly eyes, small black pom-poms, pipe cleaner, bumpy pipe cleaner, glue and scissors. Glue the large pom-pom on to the pointy end of the pine cone. This will create the squirrel’s head. Then, glue on the smaller black pom-pom for the nose, as well as the googly eyes. Cut two one-inch pieces of pipe clearner and fold them in half to form a “V” shape. Glue each piece on to the squirrel’s head to create ears.  You can also use felt for this step.  Cut two bumps off the bumpy pipe cleaner for the tail, fold them in half and twist the ends together. Glue the twisted end to the back of the pine cone to create a tail. Bend the top down to give it a little bit of shape. Cut four small pieces (about two inches long) and take two of them and fold them in half. Glue the pieces to the bottom front edge of the pine cone to create the squirrel’s feet. Take the other two pieces and glue them on to each side of the squirrel’s body for hands.  You can also add a small acorn or even create your own acorn and attach to the squirrel’s hands.

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