DIY Mowlificent Fowl Halloween Craft

This project utilizes the gourds of the season and other assorted veggies in an absolutely playful way. A fun project for all ages (although the younger the child the more supervision and help they will need), you’ll have as much fun picking out the pumpkins and squash as you will cobbling the pieces together.


What You’ll Need:


• 1 small pumpkin and 1 large squash, cylindrically shaped


• 4 mini pumpkins


• Florist wire and snippers


• Baby carrot and small red pepper


• 4 jalapeno peppers or okra


• 4 large feathers


• 4 large pieces of ginger root


• Toothpicks


• Hammer, long nails and tree branch for display (optional)




1. Cut off the bottoms of the squash and pumpkin if necessary so they sit up straight and don’t topple over.


2. Attach mini pumpkins for the eyes using pieces of florist wire.


3. Cut the red pepper and baby carrot into beak shapes and attach with the florist wire.


4. Attach jalapeno or okra “horns” to the tops of the heads, and stick in the feathers at the sides of the bodies.


5. Using toothpicks, attach the ginger root to the bases of the owl bodies to make the talons.


6. For display, if you want to sit your owl pumpkins on a tree branch, as we did, hammer the nails at an angle through the backsides of the bodies into the branch to keep the owls steady and upright.


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