DIY Fall Mason Jar Craft Ideas with Pumpkins, Leaves and Ghosts

This fall Mason jar craft for kids is very easy and versatile. You can make a ghost for Halloween, a snowman for Christmas or a colorful mosaic one just because! They even make great presents for teachers if you substitute a tea light for a real, homemade candle to take it a step further. Check out our how-to for the pumpkin and ghost jars.


Supplies You’ll Need:

* Mason jars (any size you want)

* Orange tissue paper for the pumpkin, white for the ghost

* Mod podge

* Small paint brush

* Permanent marker

* Paint

* Scissors

* Tea lights



1. Cut the tissue paper into one-inch strips.

2. Start by painting the lids. This part is optional but you can paint the ghost lid white and the pumpkin lid green like a stem. Or, you can choose any color you’d like. Set those aside to dry.

3. While the lids are drying, paint a layer of mod podge all over the Mason jar. Be careful to not get any where you would seal the lid so that it doesn’t stick.

4. Take your strips of tissue paper and start placing them on the jar. Don’t worry if they aren’t perfectly placed. Cover the whole jar with the tissue paper strips.

5. Once it’s all covered, paint another layer of mod podge on to seal it. Remember, these don’t have to be perfect so it’s okay to have some texture and bumps. Set them aside to dry for up to two hours.

6. When they are dry, you are free to draw on any kind of faces you want with a permanent marker. Try a scary jack-o-lantern face for the pumpkin or a silly ghost face!

7. Place a tea light inside the jar and screw on the dry lids.

8. Turn the lights off to watch them glow!


For the Fall Leaf Mason Jar:

1. Apply a thicker coat of mod podge to the Mason jar.

2. Glue on leaves. Smaller leaves work best, but if you have patience, you can use all sizes. You may need to put more glue on the bottom to seal the bigger leaves.

3. Heavily coat the leaves with mod podge so that the jar turns almost white. Don’t 4. Don’t worry, it will dry clear and shinny!


Other Ideas:

* Watermelon: Use red tissue paper and draw on black seeds.

* Rainbow: Layer red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet strips of tissue paper onto your mason jar.

* Mosaic: Cut out different sizes, shapes and colors of tissue paper and glue them onto to your mason jar craft.

* Santa’s Belt: Use red tissue paper and cut black strips to make Santa’s belt.

* Flowers: Cut out strips of colored tissue paper into petals and circles for the center, then shape and glue on flowers around the jar.


For even more mason jar craft ideas, click here


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14 Oct 2014

By Cheryl Crosby and Jennifer Hanrahan