DIY Bath Paint Recipes

Make bath time a real splash by encouraging the kiddos to create colorful works of art in the tub! Let your budding artists unleash their creativity on the shower walls with easy homemade paints. The best part? The mess is contained and you can watch it all wash right down the drain.  

Bath Paint Recipe

For this bath paint recipe you will need baby shampoo or body wash, corn starch, food coloring and cups or bowls for mixing paint.  Mix ¼ cup of baby shampoo/body wash with 1 tablespoon of corn starch in each cup, using as many vessels as you need to achieve different colors. Add different food colorings into each mixture, then blend until you’ve achieved your desired hue. For future use, you can store the paints in mason jars or baby food containers!


Glowing Homemade Bath Paint Recipe

All you need is shaving cream and fluorescent tempera to create glowing homemade bath paints that give off an intergalactic glow. Fluorescent tempera can be found at your local craft store or online. In a bowl, combine a healthy heaping of shaving cream with a little bit of paint. Use paper plates, or even a muffin tin, for easy cleanup. If you use glow in the dark paint instead, be sure to let the paint sit under the light for a while as it needs to “charge” before turning out the lights. If using fluorescent paint, you will need a black light to see the paint. This luminous paint is so much fun your kids will actually be begging you to turn out the lights!


Bath Time Chalk Paint Recipe

For this bath time chalk paint recipe, all you need is chalk and a can of shaving cream. Crush the chalk up so that it forms a powder consistency. Make sure you use a range of colors so you have different shades to use while painting. Mix the powder into a small amount of shaving cream until completely blended. This paint is completely washable and has a different consistency than other foam paints.


Bubble Bath Spray Painting Recipe

Let your child harness his or her inner street artist with bubble bath spray painting fun. All you need is a bubble bath, a few spray bottles and liquid water colors. You can purchase water colors at a local craft store or you can make your own! To make your own water color, mix approximately half a container of food coloring with water in the spray bottle. Fill the bath with lots and lots of bubbles. Grab your bottle of water color and start spraying! Mix different colors to see the many color combinations you can make.


Bathtub Puffy Paint Recipe

Create some 3D art in the tub with puffy paint. You will need 1 cup of granulated sugar, ½ teaspoon of water color (food coloring works too!) and ¾ cup of hot water. Use a blender, mixer or food processor to create a thick consistency. Be sure to add the water in slowly – if you add it in too fast you will end up with bubbles. Use cups or bowls for the thick paint and add in the coloring. To use, either finger paint or fill a cake decorating bag with the paint and add a frosting tip to the end.



Happy Painting!


Edible Finger Paint Recipes

If you’re looking for edible finger paint recipes, click here


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08 Mar 2015

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