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Articles in Discipline

How active and imaginative play encourages learning

by Lauren Koppelman on

How do parents know if an educational environment is right for their child? Studies have shown that active, dramatic play is an integral part of early childhood learning. Parents need to determine whether a learning environment is conducive to develo... Read full article

Why Some Kids Lash Out & What to Do About It


Biting, hitting, bullying. We take a look at these behaviors and offer solutions on how to help stop them from happening. ... Read full article

Thinking About Parent Leadership


Parenting and leadership - how to get a firm grasp on both! ... Read full article

Raise Confident and Thoughtful Children: Avoid 5 Common Parenting Traps


Don't fall into these parent traps - we tell you how to avoid them! ... Read full article

Oh, Behave! Discipline Do-Overs


Change up your discipline strategy to score success.... Read full article

Top 5 Martial Arts Classes Around Boston in 2014


Check out our readers’ picks for the best martial arts classes around Boston in our 2014 Family Favorite Awards, featured in our annual publication Best of the Best.... Read full article

Expelled from Preschool


Why shutting out 3- and 4-year-olds with challenging behavior isn’t working.... Read full article

4 Ways to Make Your ‘No’ Mean No


Do your children ignore you when you tell them 'no?' Here's how you can get them to listen to and understand what you are saying!... Read full article

Making Kids ‘Self-Responsible’


Frustrated because your child doesn't listen to your rules? How to make your “no” mean no with kids.... Read full article

Milestones that Make You Say 'Ugh'!


Positive spins for your child’s annoying behavior.... Read full article