Dinosaur Books for Kids

Dinosaurs Galore by Giles Andrease

Take a look at the lives of different dinosaurs.


I Dreamt I Was a Dinosaur by Stella Blackstone

Take a journey with a little boy as he dreams that he is a dinosaur.


What Happened to Patrick’s Dinosaur? by Carol Carrick

Patrick wonders what it would be like if dinosaurs and people could be friends.


The Extinct Files by Wallace Edwards

Wally comes across a real dinosaur in his backyard.


Miss Smith Reads Again by Michael Garland

Miss Smith and her class take a journey to the Lost World and run into a Tyrannosaurs Rex.


Prehistoric Actual Size by Steve Jenkins

Learn about dinosaurs from the prehistoric times.


I’m Bad! by Kate McMullan

Kate and Jim have a reptile that will do just about anything to eat dinner!


Bones and the Dinosaur Mystery by David Adler

Jeffrey Bones is a detective and tries to find out what happened to his blue T-Rex.


T-Rex is Missing! By Tornie DePaola

Morgie’s T-Rex is missing and questions if his best friend took him.


Dino Riddles by Katy Hall

Chuckle your way through pages of riddles all about dinosaurs.


Magic Matt and the Dino by Gracy Maccarone

Magic Matt tries to create a turtle but instead creates a dinosaur!


Dinosaurs Before Dark by Mary Pope Osbourne

Jack and Annie find a magic tree house that brings them back to ancient times.


Crafts for Kids Who Are Wild About Dinosaurs By Ross

Create 20 projects that all have to do with dinosaurs.


Did Dinos Have Feathers? by Zoehfield

Discover new fossils of dinosaurs with feathers.

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19 Mar 2014

By Caitlin Dougherty